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"Gargano, my heart place"

Gargano, my hearth place.” is part of a broader project for the valorisation and promotion of the Gargano territory (located in Apulia region, southern Italy) through which, on the one hand, we aim to spread knowledge of the immense historical, cultural, religious and landscape heritage of the “Mountain of the Sun” and, on the other, it is intended to equip the local tourism-accommodation sector with effective and innovative tools with which to intercept and stimulate qualified demand.

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February, 2023



The Challenge

The objective of the project was to promote a territorial context with a strong tourist vocation in an original, distinctive and essentially refined way, taking care to highlight some particular aspects such as the strong link with tradition, the combination with an imposing and uncontaminated nature and the great importance that this place still attributes to human values today. 

The Results

Through a 90″ commercial, an appropriately designed web eco-system and a particularly strategic web-marketing operation, we succeeded in our aim of exciting a very large audience, which greatly appreciated the soul of this place, choosing to spend your summer holidays there.


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